About us

When it all started

A little way out in the Kattegat, about 40 kilometres from Frederikshavn, lies a small island, Læsø. It is the summer of 1963, and Denmark is at its most beautiful. The rape fields are yellow, the beech has just sprouted and midsummer is near. Surrounded by deep blue water, the small fishing community of Læsø always looks beautiful, but this time of year is special. The nights are short and the light is brilliant, so even though it’s early morning, the pier in Østerby is buzzing with life. The first blue fishing boats are slowly sailing in, and more of the classic cutters can be seen on the horizon.

The cargo contains some of the best fish Danish waters have to offer, but the fishermen also have something else, a bycatch. Lots of beautiful red shellfish – langoustine. Every island resident eats the little crustacean with gusto, and when guests pass by the idyllic island, they love langoustine from the first bite. Yet everything is as it should be. More langoustine are caught than the inhabitants of Læsø can eat. Something must be done if the delicious shellfish are not to go to waste. The islanders love langoustine, so “Why shouldn’t the rest of the world love this delicacy too?” the fishermen asked themselves. The answer would be Læsø Fiskeindustri, a factory owned by the fishermen themselves, which can receive the large quantities of langoustine and distribute them to the Danes and the rest of the world. It would be a success. Food-lovers from all over the world quickly embraced langoustine, and from being a bycatch, it is quickly becoming recognised as a delicious Danish delicacy – gold from Læsø – and is taking its place on menus in the best restaurants around the world.
The love of this delicacy is no longer reserved for the inhabitants of Læsø: the world has embraced langoustine and demand is exploding. Langoustine is no longer a bycatch, but has become the target of the blue cutter.

Not much has changed since the 1960s. The fishermen are a little greyer on top, but Læsø Fiskeindustri is still theirs, because 95% of all the company’s shares are owned by the fishermen, their descendants, employees of Læsø Fiskeindustri and people with a connection to the island. The fishermen also still fish in their beautiful blue cutters, and the path from the sea to the table is short. The fishermen dock 50 metres from the factory on Læsø, which receives the day’s catch every day, for packaging and distribution to consumers around the world. Former fishermen and their wives work at the factory. Children who are no longer children also find their way, and they all contribute to Læsø Fiskeindustri being the island’s largest workplace.


We want to be the best version of ourselves

.. .. therefore, our work is value-based!

We will be decent and everything we do must permeate respect. And that’s true all the way around. In the way we are together. In our strategies for the company In meeting our customers. When things are easy, but also when there are ripples on the sea. When we say hello to new employees, but also when we say goodbye. In short, our existence is based on the belief that it is in the relationship with our fellow human beings that development and job satisfaction are created, and that the relationship is created by being decent and showing respect.

Vision and mission

Læsø Fiskeindustri’s vision is to position itself as the world’s leading producer and supplier of langoustines, and to promote awareness of a unique, high-quality product.

Læsø Fiskeindustri’s is aware of the company’s history and special connection to the island and community of Læsø and will continue to focus on growth for among its suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

Based on this and with our values as a foundation, our mission is clear:

Læsø Fiskeindustri’s mission and purpose are based on the company’s ability and willingness to deliver commercial success for the owners (shareholders) and to make it attractive for suppliers (fishermen) to land their catches with the company.

Læsø Fiskeindustri’s will, therefore, make decisions and use its collective skills and resources to ensure the best possible financial returns for the fishermen while presenting itself to its employees and Customers as an attractive and value-based workplace that produces and delivers the highest quality langoustines.

Læsø Fiskeindustri’s raw material base is founded on a healthy marine environment, and Læsø Fish Industry aims to fulfill its responsibility regarding sustainability and climate impact.

Our division in Scotland

Our Scottish division, Laeso Fish Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary. Based in the Scottish fishing town of Peterhead, this division offers a wide, frosty range of langoustine caught in the waters surrounding Scotland. Other than the fact that the langoustine come from different waters than the langoustine distributed from Denmark, the principles are the same as in our other divisions – hand sorting and quality assurance, as well as a very special freezing technique that ensures that the langoustine retain their flavour and nutrition. Furthermore, Peterhead, like the divisions in Denmark, has traditional fishing in its immediate surroundings.