Closer to the sea

We supply high quality products, with a short path from the sea
to customers in Denmark and all over the world.

High-quality langoustine for both restaurant and retail markets

At Læsø Fiskeindustri we supply langoustine, prawns and crab sticks for restaurants and supermarkets around the world.

When fishermen bring in the night’s catch of langoustine, we hand-sort and quality-check each one before it lands at restaurants and in refrigerated or frozen counters around the country.

In our preparation of prawns and crab sticks, we use a unique brine recipe with a very special salt balance that we have spent many, many years developing. Our traditional brine, together with the high quality of the raw ingredients, helps to ensure that our brine products are a taste experience beyond the ordinary.


From the sea to your dinner table

White pizza with virgin langoustine tails, burrata and dill oil

Kohlrabi ravioli with langoustine

No unnecessary chemicals

Flavour and nutrition – and no sulphite

Seafood will turn black in a flash if you don’t do something to prevent it, but there are many ways to do this. Here, we make it simple. We only dip our products in one preservative. We believe that the path from the sea to the table should be short and free of unnecessary chemicals.