Brine products

At Læsø Fiskeindustri, we offer a range of delicious seafood products, all based on our own unique brine recipe. All products contain quality raw ingredients from our regular and long-standing suppliers, all of whom guarantee high quality.

Læsø Luxury / Premium

High-quality, flavourful cold-water prawns from the North Atlantic. Our absolute top product in our brine production. Sold in Denmark under the name Læsø Luksus, while for export it is sold under the name, Premium.


Cold-water prawns caught in the North Atlantic, which differ from Læsø Luksus/Premium only by their larger size.


Extra-large tiger prawns.

Crab sticks

Quality is our top priority, which is why our crab sticks are always made from freshly caught pollack, which, together with our special brine, ensures a taste experience beyond the ordinary.